ABC 1,2,3

a surprise for zeno

Curious tales arise when letters and numbers come together and a mosquito and a child with some scissors join the group.



numbers, counting, shapes, shapes made with numbers and letters, stories, imagination.




Zeno looks at the letters of the alphabet. He cuts them in two to see what is inside. An animal seems to come out of each letter. But a mosquito is just waiting to jumble things up and this leads to endless story making ...

The illustrations in ABC 123 are inspired by the forms of the pre-cut pieces you find in the end of the book: the "SuperShapes". These pieces offer the chance for endless stories and inventions.




Read how a mosquito throws the numbers into confusion and find out how to play with the letters.

Observeand combine the removable SuperShapes to make up the alphabet, numbers and the pictures from the story.

Tellyour own story about astronomers who discover new stars or acrobats who walk on stilts.




Playing with “SuperShapes” teaches children to draw with signs.

Activity Book

Format: 26 x 21 cm

RP: 15 €

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