The tree tells a story 

How observing nature, especially tree bark, can provide inspiration and figures for storytelling 



observation, nature, trees, collection, drawing, stories, imagination.




One tree is a real artist and that is the plane tree. It has a very special, colourful trunk that drops pieces of bark with very interesting shapes, combining nature and art. This provides the start to the adventures of Billi and Rock who start seeing all sorts of characters in the fragments of bark. 

An invitation to use observation of nature to create endless stories.




This book teaches how to:


What is a collection? It’s just like when we collect small toy animals and would like to have them all ...

How to choose the bark for the collection. Look carefully at each bark fragment and turn it slowly in your hands: a figure might suddenly appear!

How to invent with bark. First learn to recognise a plane tree and then let other stories pop out from its bark ...



A double page with flaps suggests various workshop options with different levels of ability.

Picture Book

Format: 26 x 21 cm

RP: 18 €

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