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Agnese baruzzi

What Grows ?

This is the story of a seed, what will become then? A sprout of course. And then?Somebody here is looking at this seed and wonders which kind of tree will grow: an oak with strong branches that will offer shelter to many animals? A weeping willow with exible branches on which the snow will be never able to stick? A large banyan? An African baobab? ... or what else? Maybe the seed will be taken by the wind or by a little bird and it will reach a far country.Maybe nobody knows which kind of sprout and then tree it will become.But one thing is sure. That small seed will have grown in some corner of the world, wherever it may have settled. 


In the brain

Sometimes one can feel a bit lost. Fear is like ambush: it seems impossible to go through, but it is necessary to nd the right key to unlock a door that opens towards other people, who can help to discover that, despite problems, one can always maintain a positive attitude. 

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