Happiness recipe

by Simona Bianchi and Silvia Bonanni 

Old Élora is a witch and a chef beyond comparison. She doesn't fly on a broomstick, nor does she wave a wand reciting magical formulas. Her work tools consist of a recipe book and the ingredients she keeps in her kitchen, elements only she knows how to wield with such magical precision and which she uses gratuitously to resolve the problems of the other villagers, to the point of catching the attention of the wealthiest and most well-known lady of the region, Amélia, who is desperately seeking happiness. Élora puts herself at the service of Amélia who is always envious of the witch's recipes, creating situations of carefree joy until the moment that the witch has no more magic ingredients in store. Amélia's birthday meal is thus the occasion for Élora to reveal the mystery of her very last recipe, the birthday cake, and for Amélia and her guests to understand that happiness doesn't depend on magic mixtures, but on their own will and on their capacity to be reunited all together before a special gesture: Élora's cake devoid of any magic ingredients, but made with the most sincere affection. And voilà ! Happiness doesn't seem so far and even seems easy for everyone to attain.

pages: 40 colour pages, hardcover

size: 26 cm x 21 cm


from 4 years & up

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