Lazy the Sun Rises​

by Elena Baboni

pages: 24 board pages

size: 20 × 20 cm

To use this book you will need: a passionate reader, fast legs to run and look, a sink to wash your hands, a fridge and a shower. Have fun!

Themes: imagination, observation, movement, time

Play with this book! When the sun rises lazily, it needs help and a new day full of adventures is about to begin. On the trail of a snail, you might find a strawberry field or a dessert in the refrigerator. Although it is very slow, does the snail then disappear? Tap to run and you know how it ends ... once you find it, you will have had a great sweat as well. Here is a book that goes straight into taking a nice shower after an intense
afternoon of games.

LAZY TH SUN RISES spreads 1-2.jpg
LAZY TH SUN RISES spreads 1-22.jpg