Mao, The Museum Cat

by Mauro Bellei

When museum symbols escape the security cat's surveillance, they learn to play by joining forces with pebbles to create new shapes.

In an imaginary museum made of signs and symbols, Mao the cat monitors everything. Until some symbols run away, giving life to Filo, who decides to leave the museum in search of a gift for his friends, the symbols. In escaping, he will meet Filina, who has also left the museum, and together they will see that the best gift of all is a collection of pebbles, to combine them while creating new shapes and new stories.


Themes: symbols, museums, art, imagination, nature, environment, composition.


pages: 40 pages, a double page with flaps

size: 26 cm x 21 cm

publisher: Occhiolino, Italy (RP € 15)


© 2015 by The Children's book Factory

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