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Mauro Bellei


the story of a mischievous number

Can numbers count on their own value? Of course they can! Here each number, from one to nine, is broken down into pieces equivalent to their numerical value. Introduced by a story, to get to know the numbers, as well as put them back together, we can play to create different shapes. For example fve formed by fve pieces, can also jump like a playful horse. 



the picked-on letter

To get familiar with the alphabet, while the V of Violet is doing gymnastics and the U of Ulysses trains on the rings, we find on the opposite page the same pair of letters form a volleyball player. In the story of some letters that try to hit i’s dot, a little ball jumps from one page to another, like alphabet table tennis, played with continuous references and diferent perspectives. 


the story of Mr White who thinks again and again

Get familiar with the shades of colours. Think of a red! Everyone has their own kind of red. It can change tone a little, but is still red. It is the same for the all others colours. Here, Mr White introduces points and lines with a variety of colourful shades and feel a little jealous. A spectrum of 72 detachable pieces that allow you to combine shapes to create your own stories.

Paper Mosaic

A book of observation and experimentation based on the mosaic technique. The work is made up of two parts, one lingering over the analysis of images and the other proposing activities.

In the first part, recognizable by means of its shiny paper, the child becomes familiar with colours, learns about light, discovers the numerous possibility of black and white compositions and considers a few details regarding ancient mosaics.

In the second part, suggestions are given for creating paper mosaic tessera out of the opaque coloured pages. This activity will provide the material necessary for creating original mosaics.

The little snake teo

Get familiar with lines and black and white. A dot manage to transform himself into a line then slips and breaks into many pieces: 29 detachable lines that allow you to retell the adventure of the little snake Two or come up with new shapes to create your own stories. 

picture books

Mao, the museum cat

In an imaginary museum made of signs and symbols, Mao the cat monitors everything. Until some symbols run away, giving life to Filo, who decides to leave the museum in search of a gift for his friends, the symbols. In escaping, he will meet Filina, who has also left the museum, and together they will see that the best gift of all is a collection of pebbles, to combine them while creating new shapes and new stories.

imagination brings good fortune

Between little patches of grass, where we are invited to discover a four-leaf clover, and the quiet revenge of the three-leaf clover, Lisa traces her way – like a little ant who passes from one blade of grass to another – following fortune that always accompanies those who know how to explore the world, keeping the imagination kindling.

wilson the rabbit

Sometimes going out is risky: an unknown world could come crashing down on you, or you could find yourself standing in awe before something wonderful.

Wilson doesn’t want to run any unnecessary risks, but the desire to overcome his fears with a pinch of fantasy is stronger than anything else.

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