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by Azzurra D'Agostino & Barbara Vagnozzi



What's the best job for a child? Here is a large format illustrated picture book of a host of children of the world: this child tells a story about catching a fish under the ice field, another recounts having dressed up as a king and as a clown, this one here explains how he tamed a cobra, a dog and a bird, while another child talks about leading a troop down into the valley, and this one is proud about having sold lots of eggs at the market... then there is the one who seeks only to be joyous, dynamic, sad, morose, angry, happy, which in the end is the most important thing ! Because we know that the only job for a child will always be... simply being a child ! 

pages: 40 colour pages, hardcover

size: 28 cm x 22 cm


from 3 years & up

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