Paper Mosaics

For a Mosaic on the Page
by Mauro Bellei




pages: 112 pages, soft-bound book

size: 20 cm x 29 cm,

publisher: Occhiolino, Italy (RP € 15)


4 years & up


Out of coloured pages which you tear out of this book, original works are created. A simple way to discover the art of mosaics.


A book of observation and experimentation based on the mosaic technique. The work is made up of two parts, one lingering over the analysis of images and the other proposing activities.

In the first part, recognizable by means of its shiny paper, the child becomes familiar with colours, learns about light, discovers the numerous possibility of black and white compositions and considers a few details regarding ancient mosaics.

In the second part, suggestions are given for creating paper mosaic tessera out of the opaque coloured pages. This activity will provide the material necessary for creating original mosaics.

A few strips of coloured paper are enough to create personalised mosaics, with the help of the numerous examples shown in the first part of the book.

A simple way of opening up to the art of mosaics, stimulating the imagination as well as dexterity.


Themes: shapes, imagination, mosaics, paper, drawing, creating, art history, colours.

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