Picture Books

Alessandro Riccioni

Blue And Blue

"Some say that the sea is the mirror of the sky, others say that the sea and the sky are brother and sister. But nobody knows exactly what links these two blues". The queen of the sea, in the depths of her kingdom, is moping around because of a desire that she can't quite put into words, a melancholy that even the mermaids' singing isn't capable of curing. One summer night, she decides to go to the surface of the water to propose a pact with the king of the sky: for him to be able to listen to the mermaids singing, so enchanting and dream-like, in exchange for the most beautiful gems of the world, the stars. The king accepts this exchange of gifts, but asks for a kiss to conclude the agreement.


Board Books

The Red Truck

A child is looking for one of his favorite toys that he can't manage to find: a red truck. He is persuaded that someone has taken it from him and so he goes looking for it, all the while talking with his mother. A familiar family scene where a mother first helps her little one, then starts to lose patience and leaves him alone in his search, also in order to make him understand the importance of tidying up and taking care of his things, before discovering that... the red truck had been in his pocket the whole time !

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