Where is mum?

by Barbara Vagnozzi

Impossible to sleep as long as mom hasn't come home. But when she finally arrives, everything changes.


When the evening comes, a child waits with his daddy for his mommy to return. Where has she gone? He wonders, and obviously he refuses to go to sleep without a good night kiss, when finally the door opens and his mother enters, with quite the story to tell. She was in incredible places and she wished good night to whales, penguins and even a yeti. She also went to the very depths of a cave in order to find the biggest kiss in the world before coming home to give it to her son and to wish him a good night too.


A small boardbook, perfect for a moment of reading with mommy before sleeping.



Themes: feelings, relationships, family, affection, waiting, night-time.

pages: 24 board pages

size: 18 cm x 18 cm

From 3 to 6 years

© 2015 by The Children's book Factory

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